Instant tax savings for freelancers

Freelancers save an average of $15,232* or more in taxes every year with Hyke
and never have to worry about legal or tax paperwork for their business

Freelancers save an average of $15,232* or more in taxes every year with Hyke and never have to worry about legal or tax paperwork for their business

Calculate your tax savings 💰Hyke dashboard
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How it works

Organizing a business as an S-Corporation can be a great way to save on taxes. But, due to paperwork and high costs, freelancers haven’t been able to take advantage of this strategy. Using technology and real tax preparers, Hyke makes running an S-Corporation simple and affordable, and helps freelancers save on taxes too!

Getting started with Hyke is simple:

Calculate your tax savings
Answer a couple of questions about yourself and your freelancing business to calculate your potential tax savings.
Talk to an expert
Talk to our experts (at no cost) to evaluate your business, craft a personalized plan, and have your all of your questions answered before you get started.
Organize your S-Corp
Fill out a couple of forms, follow our simple instructions and easily set up your LLC with S-Corp election. We'll also help you get an EIN and open a business bank account.
Meet your finance team
Meet your own tax preparer, who will help you plan, prepare, and file your tax returns, maximize your savings, and answer all your questions.
Run your business on autopilot
Quarterly tax payments, owner paycheck calculator, monthly estimated savings, and more will all be in your own business dashboard.
Sit back and relax
Enjoy running your business on autopilot, and never have to worry about legal and tax paperwork ever again, all while saving on taxes.
Maggie O'Brien - Hyke review
— I wouldn't have gotten my company up & running so fast if it weren't for Hyke, and I mean that. Now I can jump in and do what I do, without worrying. I am at a higher level thanks to Hyke. It's great to feel and be so legit, and my clients see this too!
Maggie O'Brien
Founder & CEO, Vibe Digital Marketing

Simple, transparent pricing

$199 $249/month

(limited time offering)

Hyke is tax deductible and starts paying for itself in less than 2 months.
From formation to taxes, you get all support you need for one affordable monthly price.


Everything you need in one place to get your
S-Corp up and running

1:1 call with a tax professional
Filing a single-member LLC in your state
Operating Agreement
Tax ID number (EIN)
Free business bank account
S-Corp election
Unlimited support

Taxes & maintenance

Your own tax preparer to file taxes, plus tools to manage your money stress-free

Your own tax preparer
Annual tax return & year-round tax advice
Owner paycheck calculator
Payroll via Gusto ($45/m value)
Quickbooks online ($35/m value)
Registered Agent fees
Unlimited support
Arjun Arora - Hyke review
— Thanks to the great people & software behind Hyke, I don't have to worry about bookkeeping, taxes and other government related tasks and can focus a 100% on my advisory work. If you're running a boutique firm and need help with legal, tax, bookkeeping and ongoing support, all-in-one place, you'd love Hyke!
Arjun D. Arora
Strategy, Venture, Technology

Who we are

We're a group of freelancers from San Francisco who believe every freelancer deserves better healthcare, benefits, retirement and more. We are on a mission to empower you by building tools to make it happen, and our first step is tax savings.
Ugur Kaner

Ugur Kaner

Ugur is a product designer and the CEO of Hyke. He's been freelancing for more than a decade, and his work has included work for Udemy, Google, Angry Birds, Nokia & more.

Ugur Kaner

Bugra Akcay

Bugra is a software developer and the CTO of Hyke. He likes to play with 0s and 1s. Fun fact: In his free time, Bugra built one of the largest ERP systems in food production.

Ugur Kaner

Aaron Dence

Aaron is leading product marketing and operations at Hyke. He also runs a fitness studio in San Francisco, and as a freelancer, made over $250,000 by his third year.

We are building Hyke with exceptional people who specialize in helping freelancers. We've collectively helped hundreds of freelancers save millions of dollars. We've also received support from top investors such as Expa and Signia, who've backed and built iconic companies like Uber, Udemy, Lyft & Instacart.
Jenna Van Hout - Hyke review
— Hyke helped me setup my business, gives me professional support & answers my questions about taxes. Tasks that I'd consider annoying to do myself are now automated & easy.
Jenna Van Hout
Freelance Visual Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Hyke?

Hyke is an all-in-one platform for freelancers. It makes starting and maintaining an S-Corp easy and affordable. It also helps freelancers save on taxes by providing support from bookkeepers and tax preparers who are specialized in freelancing.

How does Hyke help w/ tax savings?

Organizing a business as an S-Corp is a great way to save on taxes. However, due to paperwork and high costs, many freelancers don’t take advantage of this smart strategy when forming their business. Using technology & real tax preparers, Hyke makes having an S-Corp easy and affordable for freelancers.

How much does it cost?

Hyke has simple and transparent pricing. From business formation to taxes, everything you need is in one place for an affordable $219/month. Our users save an average of $15,000 or more every year. Plus, the cost of a Hyke account is tax deductible!

What's included in the price?

Monthly fee includes a call with a tax professional to evaluate your business, filing a single member LLC in your state, getting your tax ID number and opening a business bank account. The monthly fee also includes LLC registered agent fees, a tax preparer to file your tax returns and unlimited support.

What's not included in the price?

Unless otherwise mentioned, third party fees (i.e. fees and taxes charged by city, state or federal government), business license filing and license fees (varies by city) are not included in the price. Although bookkeeping setup, training and support are included, bookkeeping itself is not included in the price.

Are there any other costs?

Here's a full list of the costs you should be aware of when operating an LLC with S-Corp election. Some of these fees are already included in the monthly price. Remember that most of these expenses are deductible from your income on your tax return.

Why's Hyke invitation-only?

Even though we'd love to help everyone, we aim to assist those freelancers who’ll benefit most from our services. Most of our users come via referrals. If you think there are people who need help from Hyke, please let us know.

What's the invitation criteria?

Full-time designers, developers, writers, instructors, and consultants who make over $100,000/year seem to find the most value in Hyke. We're currently focused in California, but we hope to launch in other states soon.

* Based on average estimated tax savings of active Hyke users ($10,604) and potential savings declared by Intuit Quickbooks TY17 US subscribers that have identified >$10,000 in income and >$0 in business expenses ($4,628)